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Until recently I was using Squarespace to host my website. I migrated there after a friend made a recommendation and it really served my needs at the time. Mostly I wanted to keep all the features my previous platform had but I did not want to worry about putting the platform together.

Self-hosting was costing me too much time - well, not too much, but definitely more than I could afford to spend on hosting my personal blog.

Then I met the gophersphere.

When I was young, my first contact with “online messaging” was via BBSes in Brazil. It was a great time and I miss the fun I had back then. No, I didn't have to worry about being productive at work, all I had was free time and a computer. And being disillusioned with the state of the Internet these days I decided to hunt for some BBSes, maybe I could find some of the same fun from good old days.

I ran into SDF. They run a public UNIX system, offering free shell accounts. They also have a bulletin board. GREAT! Time for some fun and I enjoyed lurking for a bit.

But they also have a Gopher server. I had heard of Gopher before, but I had not used it. What I found in the gophersphere is a combination of the fun I remember having with BBSes, but also the wonder of my first years on the Internet. When people created their personal and hobby websites on Geocities. The focus is not on the technology, not even on the created content, but on the process of creation.

I've been posting on my gopherlog, or phlog, with some frequency and I welcome everyone to read it. You will need a gopher client (I use lynx) and you can find my gopherhole here.

After enjoying the great content there, I decided to move my blog back to an intermediate platform. Not something on a commercial platform, but also not completely self-hosting.